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Combing the Cosmos

Extraterrestrials and the Search for Life

Do aliens exist? The enduring mystery of whether we’re alone in the universe is a question that continues to drive scientific study into groundbreaking directions. This collection examines the latest thinking in the search for life, from discussing why we haven’t found evidence of aliens so far to determining where and how to conduct the search to opening up the possibilities for what otherworldly life could truly look like.

Criminal Psychology and the Roots of Violence

In 2020, mass shootings and hate crimes reached record highs. On January 6, 2021, a deadly mob stormed the US Capitol. In this eBook, we examine the factors that contribute to aggressive and brutal behavior, including its biological and genetic underpinnings, how intimacy and bias can lead to violence, how people become radicalized to commit acts of aggression, as well as certain psychological disorders and their role in violent behavior.

The Age of Humans

Humans have accomplished a great deal in our relatively short history - and have left our mark on Earth in the process. In this eBook, we examine the story of us: how we got here, the world we’ve built and how we’ll need to continue to adapt if we are to manage our impact on the planet and build a better future.

How to Do Anything Better

When we think about the things we do every day—driving, working, parenting—we realize that even with tasks we are generally good at, there is always room for improvement. As always, science is on the case. This eBook contains a collection of columns written by health and psychology journalist Sunny Sea Gold, whose work has also appeared in O: The Oprah Magazine and Parents. These selections, published by Scientific American between 2009 – 2017, offer practical tips for acing life from nailing that job interview to giving the perfect gift.


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