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The New Science of Healthy Aging

Understanding why we age and how to prevent age-related physical and mental decline can help us to live in the moment and enjoy our health at any age. In this eBook, we explore the latest thinking in why we age, strategies to help maintain good health as well as research into the limits of human longevity.

The Microbiome: Your Inner Ecosystem

The collection of microbes we carry in our bodies is crucial to many aspects of our health. Research in this area has exploded, and in this eBook, we highlight some of the most exciting work on how the microbiome develops, its influence on brain and behavior and implications in both contributing to and treating various disorders.

Unlocking Happiness

Take control and retrain your brain to achieve a happier, healthier state of mind. In this ebook, we examine psychological approaches shown to boost mood and contentment, including reframing negative events, increasing resilience through self-compassion and practicing mindfulness.

Mysteries of the Mind

Do we have free will? How do we navigate our surroundings? In this eBook, we examine the latest research into the workings of nature’s most complex organ, including how the brain gives rise to consciousness, how babies think, how brain training may work for certain groups and more.

Mysteries of Life in the Universe

How did life begin on Earth? Does it exist elsewhere? In this eBook, we present several theories on the origin of life, some of its extreme and surprising forms and the ongoing search for signs – or sentience – on distant worlds.

The Science Behind the Debates

People say that they trust scientists, yet evidence often takes a back seat to emotions. In this eBook, we examine the science behind today’s most contentious debates including gun control, GMOs and evolution, as well as strategies for understanding and coping with denialism.

Climate Change: Planet Under Pressure

From increasingly severe storms to collapsing coral reefs to the displacement of Syrian citizens, in this eBook we examine the effects of Earth’s changing climate on weather systems, ecosystems and human habitability and what this means for our future.


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